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Nutritionally balanced, controlled starch feed specially formulated for senior horses. Use as a sole ration or in combination with hay or pasture. Controlled starch to support healthy digestion and performance of senior horses. Added lysine to support muscle development and maintenance. Delivers exceptional nutrition at an exceptional value. Guaranteed levels of biotin to support hair coat and hoof quality. Complete feed that can be fed in combination with hay/pasture or as the sole diet. Includes organic trace minerals and yeast culture. Now has darker and richer appearance, with added probiotics.


Protein: 14%

Lysine minimum: .6%

Methoionine: .2%

Fat minimum: 7%

Fiber minimum: 16%

ADF maximum: 18%

NDF maximum: 38%

Dietary Stach maximum: 16%

Sugar maximum: 6%

Calcium minimum: .65%

Phosphorus minimum: .6%

Copper minimum: 30ppm

Zinc minimum: 120ppm

Selenium minimum: .3ppm

Vitamin A minimum: 3,500 IU/lb

Vitamin D minimum: 350 IU/lb

Vitamin E minimum: 75 IU/lb

Biotin minimum: .3 mg/lb

Triumph Senior( Wet or Dry)

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